God is good!

Church was amazing!!! Still going strong with my loc’s.  Considering exploring some hair styles for my loc’s. There isn’t anyone in Arizona that washes, re-tightens, and styles. I have found in research that some lockticians actually do more then just tighten. Now, I’m feeling a little slighted that I’ve been getting re-tightened for 4 years and no extra services. I pay between 100-135 an appointment and I’m getting concerned. Where are the certificated locticians???? 


So much has changed

Although my loc’s appear to be the same length I believe they have transformed. Today after leaving church I took this picture and noticed how different they look. Often times we look for length only to find that we are still making progress. I am so glad that I took this journey. It has changed me completely! 

Hair color again!

So….. I was feeling a little “plan” and started looking to spice things up with my locks!  I decided to try some color. It has been over a year since I tried it, so I did some research.  I went to my sister lock colorist paid 95 bucks and….. IT DIDNT WORK! She was cautious and used a 20 volume developer. The only thing that changed was the highlights! I was so disappointed so I studied up on Naturtint! I decided to try to take a stab at it myself.  Well, I used 3 bottles of Naturtint 9N and it finally gave me the brown color I was striving for. Here is the BEFORE AND AFTER!

Fresh Re-Tight

Well today was a six week appointment, I didn’t wait as long due to my schedule. It appears that I have had some growth. I am excited about the next few months. 

Sunny days!!

Rules to healthy locs!

1) I don’t put any products in my locs… That’s right no oils, conditioners or products!

2) I don’t put my locs in stress styles which cause my hair to be pulled!

3) I don’t retight sooner then 4 months! That’s right, I only retight 3 times a year.  However, I make sure my locs don’t crawl and tangle together. 

4) I only wash my hair 1 time per month!!! That’s right, when you don’t put products in your hair you don’t have the worries of washing out gels, oils and other harmful substances.

5) Last but not least,  I enjoy the freedoms of never-ever-ever having chemicals in my hair!